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Mile High Hail Repair is your go to company for auto hail repair in the Colorado front range. 
We specialize in getting your car back to orignal condition with little to no money out of pocket! 
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Everything you need to get your car back to beautiful!
Our hail repair services include:

Walking you through the claim process so you can be confident it is done right!

A complete inspection of your vehicle with your claim adjuster to be sure your vehicle is completely repaired.

Repair the hail damage using cutting edge paintless dent repair techniques

Rental car assistance to make sure you aren't stranded or inconvenienced!
Call us today and we can have your car looking beautiful in no time!
A lot of people end up with a damaged car for years because they think the repair will cost to much, or will be a hassle. 
We have a fast and painless process to return your car to its former glory. Let us help you! You deserve it! 
Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)
Paintless Dent Repair has quickly become the industry standard when it comes to repairing dings and dents in your car. There are many reasons why PDR is superior to traditional bodywork so it is no surprise that customers have begun to demand PDR as the only option for repairing their damaged vehicles.
  • How it works: Technicians use specialty tools to carefully restore the painted surface of your vehicle to original shape & form while safeguarding the integrity of the paint to retain its factory appearance & polish. This is a major difference compared to traditional bodywork where bondo & filler are used to cover dents and then paint is reapplied to the damaged area. 
  • Who Pays for it?: For customers with comprehensive car insurance, the paintless dent repair of your vehicle will be covered by your insurance policy. Most customers simply pay their deductible and the entire process, including a rental car, is billed to the insurance company.
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"The crew at Mile High made this process a breeze. I was nervous going into it as I had never had paintless dent repair done before, but I was quickly put at ease by their professional communication and their attention to detail. The entire process was stress free and my car looks great! I highly recommend Mile High if you are in need of paintless dent repair"
Geoff B. -Denver, CO
"In a world of over promising and under delivering, I was pleasantly surprised when I realized Mile High Hail Repair had underpromised and overdelivered on the repair of my vehicle. The entire process was painless and without event. No one would know that my car had been damaged in a hail storm and I thought it was beyond repair when I contacted them. Give them a shot. Not only will you be pleased, you'll wonder why you waited so long!"
Trevor S. -Fort Collins, CO
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100% Privacy Guaranteed
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